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Thrive statement about Castle Wood School

MAT withdraws from voluntary academisation process

Thrive Education Partnership has withdrawn from the academisation process of Castle Wood School in Coventry. The school had approached Thrive to voluntarily become part of the trust, but after a comprehensive review and due diligence process, Thrive has decided not to proceed in onboarding the school.

Richard Chapman (Thrive CEO) said: "We are disappointed that we have had to make the decision for Castle Wood School not to join us. Our expansion strategy is fundamentally guided by two core principles: shared values and the enhancement of outcomes for young people within our schools."

"Regardless of a school's current standing, be it rated ‘Outstanding’, as Castle Wood currently is, or facing challenges and compulsory academisation, as others in our group have been, our goal is to establish robust and constructive partnerships that drive progress and bring additional benefits - a central tenet of academisation."

"We have outlined the reasons for our decision to the Chair of Governors at Castle Wood School, which we hope they will share with staff to explain why this has happened."

The decision to step back was not taken lightly and stems from pre-existing issues within the school. This had been considered before the NEU's proposed strike action, but completing due diligence was crucial before making a final decision.

Richard added: "We recognise and appreciate the hard work and commitment of all staff members at Castle Wood School and do not underestimate the challenges they face. Our aim is to foster environments that support the growth and development of both staff and pupils. Nevertheless, in this particular case, we believe that the school's future interests and development would be more effectively served by aligning with an alternative multi-academy trust, one which more closely resonates with Castle Wood’s existing ethos and strategic direction."