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Vision and Values

Thrive Education Partnership (TEP) creates a community built on improving life chances for its children and young people within a culture of challenge, high expectations and values-based decision making.

TEP continues to grow in a managed and strategic way; building long term sustainable foundations to the educational establishments that it serves.

TEP has already established a highly effective central team that allows its settings to focus on their purpose, educating children and young people. TEP is committed to only take on new educational establishments, following the consolidation and improved performance of our initially adopted provisions.

TEP has a strong commitment to raising standards, achievements, and attainment for all its children and young people.   It is committed to improving standards of teaching and learning through supporting a self-sustaining culture of aspiration for educational excellence and the sharing of expertise, talent, innovative practice, and resources across all our educational settings.

This is achieved through the researched/designed strategic implementation of innovative, evidence-based educational and pastoral strategies. TEP works closely with several Academics and SEND Professionals across various sectors including Universities, The British Institute for Learning Difficulties and Restraint Reduction Network (of which, TEP represents the national SEND sector).

The Trust continues to work to its strategic approach of cross-sector collaboration, a model of specialist support (including therapies), inclusivity and integration. TEP believes all children and young people should be provided with the very best opportunity to play an independent role within their own communities, develop the skills they require and attain the qualifications they need to live the life they want; recognising the very specific and individual needs of its children and young people.

The Trust provides exceptional education and life opportunities to all of its children and young people. TEP ensures that each purpose led curriculum is diverse, personalised and enriched to meet the very individual needs of its pupils. It will continue to develop and adapt as the needs and aspirations of its children and young people change. TEP strides to ensure that it accommodates its pupils in a safe, highly enriched, and vibrant learning environment where everybody’s voice is heard, and the pupil is at the centre of every decision that is made.

The Trust is passionate that all learners have the right to reach their potential. The curriculum evolves as the needs of its children change and with addition of new members within the Trust.  This model lends itself to making effective connections across skill and subject boundaries. This creates meaningful opportunities to emphasise some key elements of learning and development that many pupils need over time i.e., developing consistent communication strategies and social & emotional wellbeing. Implicit in the curriculum planning is a focus on communication, independence, life and social skills, purposeful accreditation and a capacity for critical thinking which should support pupils to play a full and active role in the world, living as independently as possible and enabling choice making relevant in their adult lives.  

TEP and its associated Academies and wider provisions provide equal opportunities to allow experience of a curriculum which is broad, balanced, relevant, and reflects cultural diversity. The curriculum and creative means of delivery reflects the Trusts’ commitment to access and inclusion for all its pupils.